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Algebra II



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Welcome to math class.  I look forward to working with you to make this a pleasant and productive year.  We will work hard and learn many things.  Please ask questions when you need help.  Chances are that when you are confused about something so is another student.   We will be following this syllabus as closely as possible this year.  Sometimes unforeseen circumstances will make changes necessary.  For you to get the maximum benefit from this course, it is important to avoid preventable absences and keep up with this schedule.  In the event of an absence, you should be able to use the syllabus to find the assignment you are responsible for making up.  I strongly recommend tutoring for students who must miss school. Khan Academy and ThatTutorGuy.com are some of the excellent resources available online to help you with any content you are having difficulties with if you are unable to meet me after school for assistance.



September 12 - Review Worksheet

September 13 - Modeling with Linear Functions continued.  Regression with Calculator. 

                          Class group activity. pp 31 & 32, 17, 26 & 31

September 14 - Solve systems of Equations with graphing, substitution and elimination. Worksheet


September 19 - (1.5) Solving Linear Systems; p 38, 3, 4 & 5

September 20 - p 38; 6,10, 20 & 28

September 21 - Review 

September 22 - Test

September 23 - Worksheet


September 26 - Review - Worksheet

September 27 - Review - WS

September 28 - TEST

Septemner 29 - ACT Algebra REview