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Bennington Public Schools
729 North Perry
Bennington, Oklahoma 74723
Phone: 580-847-2310
Fax: 580-847-2787

Spring Picture Day will be February 4

Spring Pictures, Class Pictures, and Friendship pictures will be taken starting at 8:15 am and will last all day. Please check with your child for Picture order forms or extras will be placed on the Front Desk. 

Taxes in Bennington will NOT be raised by the upcoming bond election on February 10, 2015.



Bennington School Bond Election

Bennington Public Schools will be holding a special bond election on February 10, 2015.  This capital improvements project totaling $1,805,000 will include adding three large classrooms with restrooms, two smaller classrooms/support services spaces, a teacher workroom, and restrooms.  One of the new classrooms will double as a safe room for Bennington students.  Bennington’s enrollment is increasing, and more classroom space is needed, as Bennington’s elementary classrooms are currently at capacity.  These improvements would address the current needs of Bennington’s students and prepare Bennington Schools for the future.   

This bond issue will not cause an increase in property taxes. Not having to increase the current tax rates is made possible by placing this bond issue on the tax rolls as the previous bond issue is removed from the tax rolls. The 2010 Bennington Bond Issue goes off the tax rolls this year, and the new 2015 Bennington Bond Issue would begin on the tax rolls next year. By structuring the bond this way, there will be no change in the property tax rate. The bond issue will be repaid by property taxes only within the boundaries of the Bennington School District. People who do not pay property taxes within the boundaries of the Bennington School District would not be affected.

This will be Bennington School’s fourth bond election in the last 15 years. In 2001, a bond issue was passed for $1,850,000 to build Bennington’s Elementary/High School. That bond stayed on the tax rolls until 2010, at which time voters approved a $350,000 bond issue for new buses.  A third election for $800,000 was held in 2013 to fund various building improvements.  The 2013 bond allowed Bennington Schools to build a new Vo-Ag Facility with a classroom, indoor show ring, and concession stand and also an Athletic Facility with a weight room, indoor hitting cage, dressing rooms, bathrooms, and concession stand.  Additionally, Bennington Schools added air conditioning in the gymnasium and purchased technology for students. 

After passage of the 2001 bond issue, the tax rate was three times higher than it is now. At the time the second bond issue was approved in 2010, the tax rate had dropped by 66%, and at that time the Bennington Board of Education committed to keeping the tax rate at that level. The 2010 and 2013 bond elections did not raise property tax rates, and the proposed 2015 bond issue would likewise maintain the current tax rates without raising property taxes.

Bennington Schools’ stakeholders have consistently shown great support for their school, ensuring the facilities at Bennington Schools are among the finest of any small school throughout the state of Oklahoma.  Bennington Schools greatly appreciates the continuing support it receives from all stakeholders and will remain dedicated to serving the community of Bennington.


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Little Dribblers 2015- Schedule

Little Dribblers Schedule Has been changed. Please review your teams playing times 1-12-15

January 17                                                              

10:00- Hawks vs. Pistons                                

10:40- Cavs vs. Kings                                        

11:20- Celtics vs. Pacers                                               

12:00- Heat vs. Mavs                                         

12:40- Spurs vs. Mavs                                      

1:20- Suns vs. Bulls                                            

2:00- Rockets vs. Warriors                             

2:40- Nets vs. Clippers                                      

January 31                                                           

10:00- Rockets vs. Nets                                    

10:40- Warriors vs. Clippers                          

11:20- Suns vs. Kings                                        

12:00- Cavs vs. Pacers                                      

12:40- Celtics vs. Bulls                          

1:20- Hawks vs. Mavs                                       

2:00- Spurs vs. Pistons                                     

2:40- Spurs vs. Heat                               

February 7                            

10:00- Pistons vs. Heat

 10:40- Pistons vs. Mavs

11:20- Suns vs. Celtics

12:00- Kings vs. Pacers

12:40- Cavs vs. Bulls

1:20- Spurs vs. Hawks

2:00- Warriors vs. Nets

2:40- Rockets vs. Clippers

February 14

9:00- Heat vs. Pistons

9:40- Heat vs. Hawks

10:20- Cavs vs. Celtics

11:00- Pacers vs. Suns

11:40- Nets vs. Clippers

12:20- Spurs vs. Mavs

1:00- Kings vs. Bulls

1:40- Rockets vs. Warriors



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