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Enrollment Information

Items you will need for enrollment (including Pre K):

Birth Certificate

Shot Records

Social Security card

CDIB card (If available)

If you have any questions, you may call Scot McCorstin at 580-847-2310


The Student School & Activity Fund (SSAF) offers an annual $100 grant to purchase school supplies and clothing for students possessing a Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tribal membership ID. The application period will begin July 1, 2016 and close on May 1, 2017. Students, ages 3 through 12th grade, must be enrolled at an accredited school or daycare in order to receive funds. Home school students are eligible to receive the grant. High school seniors cannot apply after their graduation date.

If your high school student is over the age of 18 at the time of application submission, please mail a paper application and attach a document verifying that your student is still enrolled in high school. You may download a copy here. Please mail, fax, or email the required documents to the SSAF program.

Be advised:
Online submissions will receive priority processing over mailed applications.
Gift cards cannot be mailed to International addresses.
Gift cards can only be used at clothing retailers; they cannot be used at ATMs, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

In order to expedite the application, please have the following information before beginning the application process:

  • Valid E-mail address (If you do not have one, please create an email account at Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc.)
  • Student’s social security number, a copy of the card is not required